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  Welcome to! Literarily the best of Literature Dictionaries on the Net. Literature means different things to different people in different contexts. brings an array of Literature Dictionaries to suit the literary taste of all those interested in the world of Literature. has in its database an abounding compilation of dictionaries and glossaries with Literature terms and concepts from many different styles and writers. It covers periods from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, to Postmodernism to Stephen King's works and characters, to name but a few.
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Discontinuity - the fact that within the space of a few years a culture sometimes ceases to think as it had been thinking up till then and begins to think other things in a new way.(Order of Things, p.50)Establishing discontinuities is not an easy task even for history in general. And it is certainly even less so for the history of thought. We may wish to draw a dividing-line; but any limit we set may perhaps be no more than an arbitrary division made in a constantly mobile whole. We may wish to mark off a period; but have we the right to establish symmetrical breaks at two points in time in order to give an appearance of continuity and unity to the system we place between them? (Order of things, p.50)

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